Work with young people who display sexually harmful behaviour

Children and young people who behave sexually in a way that is inappropriate for their age harm themselves and others.  Often, it is a form of abuse committed against another child or young person.

In Sheffield there is a single referral process for children and young people where there is a concern about sexually harmful behaviour.  All agencies has received training in using the Brook 'traffic light' tool, which gives guidance about what is safe and healthy behaviour, and what is potentially or definitely concerning.

Where a worker from any agency has concerns about sexually harmful behaviour, or where the police are investigating a sexual offence, they should refer this to the social care screening team for the young person's home area.  A social care assessment will follow, the results of which are discussed at a multi-agency group to agree what is the form of support to give next.  This may include:

AIM2 assessments are used to inform reports to courts, police and the Crown Prosecution Service, where a young person has admitted or been found guilty of a sexual offence.