‘No Point’ Knife Crime Programme

'No Point' is a programme for young people requiring anti-knife crime education.  The Programme objectives are:

  • To help young people to understand the consequences (to themselves and others) of carrying and using knives and removing the sense of impunity that many knife-carriers have.
  • To reduce the prevalence of knife carrying and use by young people in Sheffield.
  • To listening more actively to the concerns of young people.
  • To increase their awareness of the law around carrying knives.

Sessions Covered

1.  Why do people carry knives - examining the reasons and the law - part one. 

2.  Why do people carry knives - examing the reason and the law - part two.

3.  The impact of knife crime on young people.

4.  Victims.

5.  Street Doctors.

6.  Group membership and Joint Enterprise.

7.  Managing risky situations and behaviour.