Attendance Centre

Attendance Centres are places which offenders can be ordered by court to attend regularly for a set period, both as a penalty on their time and to receive education about their offending behaviour.

Sheffield Youth Justice Service offer a  range of interventions and programs to young people involved in the criminal justice system. It is available to sentencers as a requirement of a Youth Rehabilitation Order, but we also refer other young people if we think the programme will be of use to them.

The Attendance Centre takes place at Star House every Saturday morning, where we run two main programmes, one about behaviour and one about driving and motorcycling.

Behavioural Programme

The Behavioural Programme considers the attendee’s attitudes, beliefs and values around a range of topics. It intends to highlight possible negative influences, such as peer pressure, alcohol/drugs, provocation, gang culture, hate crime, difficulties in relationships, etc. It examines their role in offending and that of their victims, and outlines the possible consequences of such actions.  

The programme also gives information on issues such as sexual health and relationships, and addresses work around confidence building and goal setting, and looks at how participants can work towards finding suitable careers/jobs/training and positive activities with support around interview techniques, how to answer interview questions, etc.

The sessions are:

  1. Anger Management
  2. Values & Beliefs
  3. The Dangers of so-called ‘Legal Highs’ or Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS)
  4. Confidence Building/Introduction to Goal Setting
  5. Confidence Building/Goal Setting: Part 2
  6. Hate Crime/Diversity
  7. What Are You Fit For? Matching Talents to the Job Market
  8. Addressing Offending Behaviour & Victim Awareness
  9. Anti-Social Behaviour
  10. Peer Pressure
  11. Sexual Health
  12. Looking at Relationships

Driving and Motorcycling Programme 

This 6-week Driving and Motorcycling Module aims to equip attendees with knowledge and understanding of relevant Road Traffic Legislation and includes valuable insight into the current theory and practice of the National Driving Test.  

The programme also encompasses the dangers and consequences of failure to comply with the principles of safe driving/motorcycling and utilises affecting audio visual aids, which include consideration of the ‘ripple’ effect on themselves and others of e.g. drink/drugs driving, peer pressure, distractions etc.

The sessions are:

  1. Your Licence, Your Life: A Guide To Keeping Both Of Them - Part 1
  2. Your Licence, Your Life: A Guide to Keeping Both Of Them - Part 2
  3. Motorcycle Programme: Safe Riding is No Accident - Part 1
  4. Motorcycle Programme: Safe Riding is No Accident - Part 2
  5. Know Your Highway Code/Theory Test
  6. Car Crime: Who Pays?