Art as Community Reparation

The art projects are carried out at the request of communities who feel that a piece of art would improve a designated site, or by organisations who want to get a particular message across to the public.

The process of working on and producing a positive piece of work enables the young people to reflect on their negative and offending behaviour and do something tangible to benefit the community.

We find that work produced by young people has a much greater impact on other young people.

Art on Location

In collaboration with the Blue Loop Project and British Waterways we transformed the old pump house from an eyesore covered in graffiti to a building that is a pleasure to look at.

Quote from the Lock- Keeper

‘This smallest bit of art work has made the biggest impact on the appearance of the waterway’

The picture is of the old pump house on the canal behind ‘The Source’ Meadowhall - click on it to see a larger version.