When young people first get into trouble, behave anti-socially or commit minor offences, they can usually be dealt with, by the police and local authority, outside of the court system, using a variety of formal and informal measures.  This is to stop young people getting drawn into the youth justice system too early, while still offering them the help and support they need to stop offending.

All the out-of-court measures and court sentences you can get in the youth justice system, at every stage are listed below.  Click on the links to find out what they involve.

Pre-court measures

Anti-social behaviour measures

Sentences in the community

  • Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO)
  • Referral Order
  • Reparation Order
  • Fine or Compensation Order
  • Conditional Discharge
  • Absolute Discharge

Sentences to custody (prison)

  • Detention and Training Order
  • "Section 91" long-term determinate sentence
  • "Section 226" indeterminate sentence for public protection
  • Detention at Her Majesty's pleasure

The link to Sheffield YJS privacy notice is below.  This is provided to all young people we work with.