Youth Word Up Project 2017

The Youth Word Up (now in its 6th year) is a spoken and written word project designed to empower and give a voice to young people (13 to 21s - or thereabouts), who wouldn’t normally have this kind of opportunity.

For the last 5 years this project has been run as part of the Festival of Words, working with youth services like the Youth Justice Service and CYTs (Community Youth Teams).  Young people who have taken part have felt empowered from reading their work to the audience at the Youth Word Up event alongside a big name spoken word poet, and/or having their work in print - the publication is free and available at the event.

We are not sure who the event artist will be this year just yet but past Youth Word Up artists are: Benjamin Zephaniah, Mark Grist, Holie McNish and Joelle Taylor.

The project is run by Vicky Morris, a writer who has run creative projects with young people for 20 years and has worked as a youth worker.