Sheffield YJS is key to the successful delivery of the Youth Justice System in Sheffield. The Youth Justice Service is a multi-agency team made up of representatives from four statutory partners:

These representatives work alongside a range of other staff including those from the voluntary sector.

Because Sheffield Youth Justice Service incorporates representatives from a wide range of providers the service can respond comprehensively to the needs of both those young people at risk of offending and those who have already offended. The YJS identifies the needs of each young person by assessing them with a standardised national assessment.

This assessment enables the Youth Justice Service to identify the specific risk factors and problems that lead both to a young person being at risk of engaging in offending behaviour, as well as measuring the risk they pose to others in the community. This process enables the YJS to identify suitable programmes to address the needs of each individual young person with the intention of prevention any further offending.

Sheffield YJS is working to achieve national and local targets to ensure, in conjunction with other partners, that Sheffield is safer for everyone to live and work in.

The key objectives of Sheffield YJS are in the Youth Justice Plan 2010/ 2011.


Sheffield Youth Justice Service has a set of responsibilities set out in statute. These are:

  • The provisions of an appropriate adult service for unaccompanied young people in police custody.

  • Intervention with young people subject to a Final Warning issued by South Yorkshire Police.

  • Bail supervision for young people going through Court.

  • The operation of community sentences.

  • The oversight of young people in custody.

  • Enforcement of court orders

  • Providing support to parents.

  • Finding out the views of victims and encouraging their involvement.

This site has primarily been designed to meet the needs of the general public who wish to learn more about the purpose, function and activities of Sheffield Youth Justice Service and the Youth Justice System.